Representative Services



  • Filing of the funds intended for non-qualified investors with FINMA;
  • Review and set up legal representation agreements based on SFAMA model;
  • Review fund names with respect to legal requirements;
  • Check advertising material, including fund offering documents, against Swiss legal requirements;
  • Update fund providers on relevant regulatory developments in the Swiss fund market.


  • Review and set up distribution agreements based on SFAMA model;
  • Act as the legal party to distribution agreements for Swiss and foreign distributors;
  • Supervise distribution partners on regulatory requirements;
  • Review distributors at least annually in light of Swiss regulation.


  • Point of contact for Swiss investors;
  • Provide fund documentation;
  • Deal with investor complaints.

OpenFunds App

The OpenFunds App is a very user-friendly tool, on mobile access. You can find all the information regarding the funds such as legal documents, monthly factsheets with performance updates, publications, newsletters, events, live surveys and an overview of the fund managers’ meetings. All this is ready to be downloaded, printed or shared directly with your mobile device.

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Legal representative services

Roger Stoffel

Distribution services

Siro Zanovello

Zurich Office

Seefeldstrasse 35
8008 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 500 3108

Lugano Office

Via Pietro Peri 9D
6900 Lugano

Phone: +41 44 500 3109

Geneva Office

rue de la Cloche 8
1201 Geneva

Phone: +41 44 500 3175