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ABR Dynamic Funds builds for scale

May 2017

Taylor Lukof is founder and CEO of ABR Dynamic Funds, LLC, in New York. ABR invests firm and client capital through separately-managed accounts in quantitative-driven strategies in US-based equities, futures and options. Lukof will be in Switzerland in June, on the 8th and 9th in Geneva and on the 12th and 13th in Zurich and Liechtenstein. Opalesque, the leading source for "Premium Alternative News", interviewed ABR. This article captures ABR's rich trading history and ambitious future: they are building their firm for scale.

Vexed by Vix: post-Brexit squeeze sparks fears of losses

October 2016

Rerun of short squeeze on Vix futures could backfire on speculators

Louie Woodall   Staff writer at

Taylor Lukof, CEO of ABR Dynamic Funds and a manager OpenFunds exclusively is promoting, shares his view about the CBOE Volatility Index (Vix) in the aftermath of the Brexit event together with colleagues from Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Pimco and Macro Risk Advisors.

Direct lending funds and Brexit

August 2016

Craig Reeves   Founder and CEO of Prestige Asset Management, Vice Chairman of OpenFunds Investment Services AG

Following the vote by the UK to leave the European Union, many investors are wondering what sort of impact they can expect on their UK investments. The outcome of the vote has been a shock to many, but this article will outline the fundamentals that continue to underpin the UK's economic story post-Brexit.

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